First Encounters

When we started this adventure, I had no idea what to expect. My mind had been flooded with promises of becoming closer, relaxation, better sex, and great stress relief. However, I knew better than to expect any of these major results.

We began our first session before going to bed. Lying next to me he positioned himself close to me and began suckling. It started out slightly awkward and at times he would suck to hard and it would be uncomfortable. However, by the time he finished with my left breast and switched to my right, we had suddenly found a beautiful rhythm. As soon as he completely let his guard down he began to relax and start deeply sucking at my breast. I watched him as his eyes closed, and he entered a state of peace and calm I had never seen in him before. He later told me that in this state, there was no other thought in his mind. He was comforted it and we were truly connected. The feeling of him suckling on me at this point was so pleasant. In fact, much to my surprise, I absolutely loved it. He was taking in as much of my breast as he could and sucked continuously. I found myself becoming aroused, but the serenity he had emanating from led me to subdue my hormones. After about ten minutes on my breast he began falling asleep. I stroked his hair and he held my other hand. Every article I had read was correct. I had never felt so in tune with him before. He fell asleep latched to me. As I began to drift myself I found him starting to suckle again here and there. It was a beautiful closeness I never wanted to end.

After several sessions, some leading to the most passionate in tune love making I have ever had in my life, and some ending in simple appreciation for one another, my breasts began to feel sore. I knew this was a good sign as far as creating milk is concerned. Between sessions, my nipples were becoming increasingly sensitive against my bras and shirts. It was almost as if my body was telling me it was time for my husband and I to run off by ourselves and leave the world behind. The idea of getting so close to lactation was beyond exciting.

I have stopped wearing a bra to bed. I want my breasts to be available to him the moment he awakes in the morning, or sometimes even the middle of the night. I feel it is a requirement and a luxury to offer myself at any moment he desires me. There is no feeling as satisfying as knowing that I am satisfying him and bringing him closer to me, body and mind. I have decided to buy a nursing bra so that during the day, we can easily start our session without wasting a lot of time. Allowing him such an easy access allows for more time for the act itself. Plus, the idea of wearing a nursing bra is a wonderful reminded of what I have waiting for me.

Since we started, we are so much calmer with each other. The fighting has stopped almost completely. One of my greatest joys is in the moments right before he comes home from work and imagining what the next session will be like. Knowing that he just as eager as I am for him to take in my breasts and mute out the world. We are much more sexually satisfied and there is a huge peace in that. These frequent times together has also reduced so much stress from our daily lives that it is so easy to just be happy.

How it all came together

My husband I were at the end of our ropes. Both seeing other people and ready to go our separate ways. Just as things were coming to an end, my husband suggested that we try out an Adult Nursing Relationship and see if that would somehow bring us back together. I had no idea what he was talking about, or that he had found the answer to staying together.

After doing a little research on the topic I realized that there was undoubtedly a lot of benefits from nursing your husband. The stress release alone was enough to sell me on the idea. Besides, my husband has spent a lot of time sucking on my breasts in the bedroom anyway. Why not focus the time to generate a greater end result?

After a few days, we came up with a plan and a schedule. We decided that we wanted to induce lactation to further the intimacy and health benefits. When I nursed my children, he had suckled on me here and there and had mentioned liking the taste of my milk. He told me how it tasted sweet, and that he enjoyed the feeling of it pouring into his mouth. He knew it was something he wanted to be a part of this journey.

We knew that to induce lactation we needed to devote a good amount of time to our nursing. Keeping up with enough sessions in a packed day can be difficult. We decided that we both were ready to work for this last chance save, and agreed that we could have no less than three sessions a day. That meant that for at least three thirty minute sessions a day, no one and nothing else existed in the world except for each other. We would begin each morning with a session and end the day the same way. When and if my milk came in was a secondary thought. It was all about the intimacy and comfort it brought to us, especially my husband.

My next posts will be more journal like, and in them I will bring you on our journey of adult breastfeeding and saving my marriage.